MSL  qualified as a non-vessel operating common carrier, is an international freight broker specializing in import & export air and ocean cargo service under the Ministrry of Communications of PRC. Our branch companies located at London, Hongkong, Yangzhou and Lianyungang. We have established good cooperation with many air companies, bulk shipping companies and roll-roll shipping companies. Our service lines cover all the main ports of the world to meet the demand of all kinds of clients and to provide the global logistic services. Especially, we have rich experenice on desiging logistic projects; have coopreated with SINPEC, CNPC, CNEC and other large companies. We designed the logistic plan, transported the equipments, particpated in the company¡¯s project bidding and arranged the logistic plans for those big companies.

MSL  has rich experience in international shipping agent and charter experience with advantages routes in Africa, the Red Sea, the Persian Gulf, North and South America, Southeast Asia and so on. We offer the best shipping prices and booking advantages.
MSL  has unique experience and advantages on engaging in petro oil drilling equipment and internatioanl project logistics. And aslo we have export the set of drilling equipments and engineering manchines to Eastern Europe, Poland, Kazakhstan, the Middle East, the Sudan, Yemen, Sandi Arabia, Oman, East Africa, Ethiopia, Gabon, in West Africa, Algeria, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Ecuador of the South America many times.
MSL  has maintained a good cooperative relationship with the customs of the major domestic ports, CIQ, Harbour Burea and the logistic warehoueses. We are able to provide fast and effiicient cargo gethering, warehousing, customs clearence, lifting, loading on board and a series of port ground services to cargo owners. Depending on the good relationship with the Harbour Burea, we have competitive advantage on arranging the berths and handling equipments at the port.
MSL  appplys advanced modern logistics management software, the new operating mechanisms of first-class equipment and facilities. Rich experience in international freigth industry and advance services concept, combining with global network system, which constitutes a set of network integrity, self-contained, fast action, service standards and a professional international freight forwarding company.
MSL  people who have wealth of konwledge and experience on the charter booking and international trade graduated from famous maritime academeic universities. We will try the best to satisfy each requirement of our client with the principle of ¡°Safely entrusted, fight tooth and nail.¡±




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