Roll-Roll Ship and Bulk Ship Charter Services
We are professional on bulk charter and booking business, focusing on the main project vehicles, oil exploration equipments, engineering equipments, cement plant equipments, logs, plywood, steel and all kinds of ores, etc.

Advantage Routes for Roll-Roll and Bulk Ship
Middle East and Persian Gulf and Red Sea: Abbas, Dubai, Dammam, Kueait, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Sudan, the Dutch Delta,Jeddah, Akbar, Bahrain, Djibouti,Doha.
Africa: Dar es Salaam,Lagos, Tema, Algiers, Oran, Skikda, the Libeili, Mombasa, Luanda, Lobito, Lome,Cotonou, Pointe Noire, Durban, etc.
India-Southeast Asia Line: Haiphong, Ho Chi Minh, Chittagong, Singapore, Klang, Yangon, Surabaya, Jakarta, Karachi, Mumbai, Chennai, Visa, Candela,Haldia, Mengdela, etc.
South America: Manzanillo, Kesaer, Acajutla, San Lorenzo,  Corinto, Caldera, Kazibwe Bonaventura, Bonaventura, Guayaquil, Callao, San Antonio, Santos, Victoria, Valparaiso, etc.
North America: Houstom, New Orieans, New York, Philadelphia, Tampa, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Vancouver, etc.
Europe: Antwerp, Rotterdam, Livepool, Cardiff, Vigo, Genoa, Hamburg, Lashipie, Istanbul, Aodesa, Izmir, Tarus, Latakia, etc.
Australia: Brisbane, MeLbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Fulimanteer, Townsville, etc. 

Advantage Routes for Logs Import Ship
Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Maiaysia, Indonesia and other routes.

Service Content
1.Factory to Port Transport
2.Customs and Port discharging and loading
3.Vessel Arrangement(roll-roll,Break bulk,bulk,log and other kinds of ships)
4.Charter booking for FOB or CIF

We can provide you with the quality services in the major ports in china and the Yangtze River valley.¡¡
Import and Export by Air Transport
•Export by Air Transport
We provide international air cargo exports transport booking, customs, and seized three (commodity inspection, sanitaion inspection, phytosanitary), inland short haul transportation and a series of services. We issue all types of marine bills of lading, all kinds of transport bill of lading or certificate. Furthermore, we provide export air transport and transit transport services for all kinds of cargo from China to the world. In customs bonded area and the cutoms, we offer delivery goods, warehousing and a series of services.
•Import by Air Transport
We can provide door-to-door, customs clearence and delivery services for the cargos imported from the worldwide airport to Shanghai or Nanjing (or other cities in China). We also carry the domestic air transport regulation delivery business, private goods and exhibis agency business, and to provide the tracking and send feedback of the tracking information
Import and Export by Sea Transport
•Export by Sea Transport
We undertake in various parts of China to the world¡¯s major ports and inland export bookings, customs, seized three (commodity inspection, sanitaion inspection, sanitary and phytosanitary) and a series of services. We issue all types of marine bills of lading, all kinds of transport bill of lading or certificate. Moreover, we offer FCL and LCL for domestic and international customers and meanwhile we can provide the oversea services incluiding customs clearance, uncratuing, delivery and FOB door-to-door services. In accordance with custometrs¡¯ needs, we will design reasonable route and track throughout all transport services.
•Import by Sea Transport
We provide the booking and mutimodal transportation for the imported goods from the world's major ports and landpoint to China¡¯s major ports and landpoint; aslo the container receving at port, distribution, uncrating, sorting, customs declaration, seized three(commodity inspection, sanitaion inspection, phytosanitary) and other sercices. We are able to delivery the goods directly to any destiation by using domestic railways, aviation, coastal, river and road transport and send the tracking feedback to the foreign agents and the shippers; also undertake the goods transport and transit transport of foreign representative offices, foreign trade and other non-personnerl items and exhibits.
Continental Bridge and Railway International transport
By fully use the transport network of the transport system of China,Russia,The five Central Asian countries,North Korea,Mongolia,Vietnam,Afghanistan and other countries, we can delivery the goods very fast and safty from China to Europe and Asia more than 20 countries and regions.

Worldwide Express Service
Internatioanl Air Express DHL¡¢UPS¡¢TNT¡¢FEDEX

Second-hand Container Sale
To satisfy the needs of the customers, we offer sencond-hand container sale, modified and transport services. Sales in the container business are mainly in standard container (20¡¯GP, 40¡±GP), as well as the provision of specialized services, including Open-top container, Platform Container, Refrigerated Container and so on.



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